Secure Mobile Access 12.4 Connect Tunnel User Guide

Processing Server Certificates

Some VPN configurations require that you accept a server certificate before you can gain access to a protected network resource. A server certificate is a digital signature that verifies a server’s identity.

If you access a network resource that uses a server certificate, Connect Tunnel may display the certificate. Connect Tunnel displays a certificate warning only if the VPN appliance certificate is not from a trusted source. You must then verify that the server certificate is from a trusted source before accepting it. Otherwise, the login process continues without any prompt.

During the login process, Connect Tunnel processes or warns only for certificates from the VPN, not from resources. Applications, such as Internet Explorer, that are used to access resources, should handle any certificates that are associated with resources.

Because anyone can issue a certificate, you should accept certificates only from trusted sources, as the information you receive from others may be invalid. You do not need Administrator privileges to process server certificates. If you have any concerns about whether to accept a certificate or not, check with your administrator.

To process a server certificate

  1. When a trusted certificate appears, verify that the certificate is associated with the correct server.
  2. Accept or reject the certificate:

    • If you click Reject, your connection is not established.
    • If you click Accept, the certificate is accepted as valid, and the login process continues.
  3. Accept a license agreement or Acceptable Use Policy, if required.

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