Secure Mobile Access 12.4 Administration Guide

WorkPlace Enhancements

Following are the enhancements implemented in the WorkPlace.

  • Audio and Video recording for RDP shortcuts and bookmarks is supported.

    For more information on how to configure audio and video recording for RDP shortcuts and bookmarks, refer to the WorkPlace User Guide.

  • To avoid multiple pop up windows, bookmarks are now launched in a new tab.
  • Legacy Connect Tunnel is deprecated from 12.4.1 version.

    For more information on deprecation of legacy client, refer to the Connect Tunnel User Guide.

  • For enhanced user experience, following are the File Explorer improvements implemented in the current release.
    • Folder can be downloaded as a zip file.
    • You can now perform the following actions on files and folders.
      • Cut
      • Copy
      • Paste

  • Minimal support for Internet Explorer browser.

    Since Microsoft is ending the support for Internet Explorer and for security reasons, using WorkPlace in Internet Explorer browser is not recommended.

  • ActiveX is no longer supported.

    Prior to 12.4.1, ActiveX is used for IE 11, and URL launch is used for other browsers. From 12.4.1 onwards, EPC and agents are provisioned using URL scheme on all browsers to have a consistent provisioning and for better user experience across browsers.

  • The Modern WorkPlace is now on par with the legacy WorkPlace. All the agents that are supported in legacy WorkPlace are supported in Modern WorkPlace.

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