Secure Mobile Access 12.4 Administration Guide

Connect Tunnel Enhancements

Following are the enhancements implemented in the Connect Tunnel.

Connect Tunnel Client Support for Apple Silicon Mac

Connect Tunnel and Secure Endpoint Manager(SEM) clients are built as universal applications which can be run on both Intel and Apple Silicon Mac computers.

Connect Tunnel Client Support for Surface Pro X

Connect Tunnel for Windows is now supported on three platforms such as x86, x64, and ARM processor. You can select the installer for the platform while downloading the Connect Tunnel client package from AMC.

Connect Tunnel and WorkPlace automatically detects and reports processor architecture (x84, x64, and arm64) to the server. The server then tracks the architecture type in the user session state and installs or updates the platforms automatically.

For more information on platforms, refer to the Connect Tunnel User Guide.

Connect Tunnel Parity with Legacy Connect Tunnel

The Connect Tunnel is now on par with Legacy Connect Tunnel client. All the features that are supported in Legacy Connect Tunnel client are supported in Connect Tunnel client.

Legacy Connect Tunnel is deprecated from 12.4.1 version. For more information on deprecation of legacy client and for feature parity with Connect Tunnel client, refer to the Connect Tunnel User Guide.

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