Secure Mobile Access 12.4 Administration Guide

URL Control Caveats

The contents of the following fields adversely affect Mobile Connect functions:

  • Server field setup with http or https causes a Mobile Connect failure.

  • Realm name limitations require that URLs are correctly formatted, without wild cards in the host name or URL.

Warnings are shown on various page where wild cards might interfere with Mobile Connect operations:

URL Control allows other mobile applications to pass action requests using special URLs to Mobile Connect. These action requests can create VPN connection entries and connect or disconnect VPN connections. For example, another application can launch Mobile Connect, access internal resources as needed, and then disconnect by using the mobileconnect:// or sonicwallmobileconnect:// URL scheme. Some common examples of URL Control are:

  • Add profile: mobileconnect://addprofile[/ ]?name=ConnectionName&server=ServerAddress[&Parameter1=Value&Parameter 2 =Value...]

  • Connect: mobileconnect://connect[/ ]?[name=ConnectionName|server=ServerAddress] [&Parameter1=Value&Paramet er2 =Value...]

  • Disconnect: mobileconnect://disconnect[/]

More detailed information is provided in the SonicWall Mobile Connect User Guide for your mobile device.

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