Secure Mobile Access 12.4 Administration Guide

Viewing SMA Users on the Firewall

When your SonicWall firewall is connected to an SMA appliance via a VPN client, you can view the SMA users on the firewall.

To view SMA users on the firewall

  1. On the firewall, go to the Users > Status page.

  2. Select the checkbox for Include inactive users.

    SMA users should appear in the list.

    As the SMA users are logged into a device that is external to the firewall, the firewall treats those user sessions as inactive. To see the SMA users displayed on this page, you must select the checkbox for Include inactive users. After the firewall is configured to receive RADIUS accounting information from the SMA appliance, users are automatically added to this list as soon as they are successfully authenticated by the SMA appliance. They are removed automatically when their SMA session ends.

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