Secure Mobile Access 12.4 Administration Guide

Tunnel Clients and Proxy Auto-Configuration Files (Linux Platform)

When OnDemand Tunnel or Connect Tunnel is launched on the Linux platform in an environment where a proxy server is used for outbound access to the Internet, the SMA appliance appends redirection settings to the browser's proxy auto-configuration (.pac) file. These modifications are made for the duration of the session only; the original browser settings are reinstated when the user logs out. There are some known issues involving this combination of platform and client:

  • In the course of a user's session, one or more prompts may appear requesting approval for changes to the browser's .pac file. In order to log in to WorkPlace and ensure proper functionality, the user must accept these .pac file modifications.
  • If the server .pac file is updated, the user must either connect using the OnDemand Tunnel or Connect Tunnel client to incorporate the changes or manually revert to the original proxy settings.
  • If a user has a Firefox browser window open when Connect Tunnel is started, the modifications that the appliance needs to make to the browser's .pac file (for properly redirecting connections) are not applied to any open browser windows.

    The user must either close and then re-open Firefox or manually reload the browser's proxy settings.

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