Secure Mobile Access 12.4 Administration Guide

Session Termination

By default, a tunnel client session is never terminated by the appliance once it has been established: users can leave sessions idle and return to them later without having to reauthenticate. If this is a security risk in your environment, there are a couple of ways to terminate sessions and require users to re-authenticate:

  • Manually: To see a list of sessions click User Sessions in the main navigation menu in AMC, and then choose one of the available termination options. For more information, see Ending User Sessions.
  • Automatically: You can configure the tunnel client to prompt users to re-authenticate as soon as their credentials expire. When Limit session length to credential lifetime is selected during tunnel client configuration, sessions in a given community end and require re-authentication after the length of time specified by Credential lifetime (on the Configure General Appliance Options page).

    See Configuring Tunnel Client Settings for more information about configuring this option.

  • Enable the Inactivity Timer in the End Point Control zone, or in the default zone if End Point Control is not used.

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