Secure Mobile Access 12.4 Administration Guide

Redirect All Mode

In Redirect all mode, traffic is redirected through the tunnel regardless of how resources are defined in AMC. This option provides enhanced security, blocking users from being able to access any network device during their tunnel sessions. It may also prevent Internet access, depending on your network configuration.

Redirect all mode is more secure than split tunnel redirection. After launching Connect Tunnel in redirect all mode, users can still modify the routing table, but any traffic not in accordance with the redirection list the appliance sent down to the client is immediately dropped. This prevents users from modifying the routing tables on their computers to bypass the appliance and effectively creating their own split tunnel connection back to the network. Once the routing table has been changed by the Connect Tunnel client, modifying the routing table is ineffective. For more information, see Configuring the Network Tunnel Service.

To direct all traffic through the appliance, but also give users access to local printers and file shares, select Redirect all, with access to local network. For example, if you have a community of remote employees, working from home, you could use this redirection mode for maximum security, yet still allow them to use resources on their home networks, such as a printer.

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