Secure Mobile Access 12.4 Administration Guide

Importing Data for Existing Local Users

As an alternative to manually editing user accounts, import users when you need to update one or more properties for several user accounts already in the local user authentication repository. For example, you can quickly add several users to a group when a new group is created. Simply export user accounts to a CSV file, change the desired properties, and then import the revised user accounts back into the local user authentication repository.

To import data for existing local users, follow the instructions in Importing New Local Users and Groups with the following exceptions:

  • When selecting whether data should be updated for the user, be sure to select Update the User.

    Passwords are imported for new users only. Regardless of this setting, the passwords of existing users are never updated.

  • Use the same CSV file format used to import new users. See Creating the CSV File. However, only the following properties are imported.

    • Description

    • E-mail Address

    • Device IDs

    • Groups

  • Properties can be added but not removed when importing users.

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