Secure Mobile Access 12.4 Administration Guide

Discarding Pending Configuration Changes

Configuration changes you make in AMC are saved to disk, but they are not in effect until you apply them, as described in Applying Configuration Changes. You can use the AMC log file to find out what changes are pending, and go to the Apply changes page in AMC to discard them. Pending changes can only be discarded as a group: you cannot discard them selectively.

To discard pending changes

  1. (Optional) You can review the list of pending changes in the management console audit log file.

    1. From the main navigation menu, click Logging, and then select Management Console audit log in the Log file list.
    2. Any Info level item added since the last Applied configuration changes message appears is a change that can be discarded.

    See Management Audit Log for more information.

  2. Click Pending changes in the upper right of any page in the AMC.

    The Apply Pending Changes dialog displays.

  3. On the Apply Changes page, click Discard.

    The time- and date-stamp of the configuration that will be restored when you discard pending changes is displayed.

  4. Click OK to confirm that you want to discard changes.

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