Secure Mobile Access 12.4 Administration Guide

Configuring the Appearance of WorkPlace

Each community can be assigned a style and layout for its WorkPlace portal content pages.

A WorkPlace style determines the colors, fonts, and images used to display the pages, and a layout determines page content, how it is arranged, and how you navigate the portal. Keep in mind that the style for the login, error, and notification pages is specified when you set up a site.

To create a style and layout for a community

  1. In the AMC, navigate to User Access > Realms.

  2. Click the link for the community you want to configure, and then click the WorkPlace Appearance tab.

  3. Select an existing style or click Manage styles to modify or create one.

    For more information on configuring a WorkPlace style, see Creating or Editing a WorkPlace Style.

  4. Select an existing layout or click Manage layouts to modify or create one.

    For more information on configuring a WorkPlace layout, see Creating or Editing a WorkPlace Layout.

  5. The layout for this community is changed automatically to accommodate smaller devices; for example, the Intranet Address field (if it is part of the layout) is displayed on an advanced mobile device, but not a basic one.

    If that result is not acceptable, you can specify a different layout for different classes of devices in the Small form factor devices area. A good approach when creating a community is to see how the WorkPlace portal for this community looks on a mobile device by default, and then create a new layout or modify an existing one only if you need to.

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