Secure Mobile Access 12.4 Administration Guide

Changing the Order of Communities Listed in a Realm

When users log in to an authentication realm, the appliance looks up the community to which they belong so that access agents and EPC policy can be deployed to them. If you use only one community per realm or if you ensure that each user is assigned to only one community, then the process of logging in and receiving the appropriate access agent is straightforward.

However, if some users belong to more than one community, the order in which the communities are listed on the Communities tab of the Configure Realm page determines which community those users are assigned to. The appliance attempts to match users to communities starting at the top of the list. Users are assigned to the first community in the list that they match. The best practice is to place the most specific community at the top of the list.

To change the order of the communities for a realm

  1. From the main navigation menu, click Realms.

  2. Click the name of the authentication realm whose communities you want to re-order.

    The General tab of the Configure Realm page displays.

  3. Click the Communities tab.

    The communities that are part of this realm will be matched in the order that is listed here.

  4. Use the Move Up or Move Down links to move the selected community up or down.

  5. When the communities are listed in the order you want, click Save.

The community a user is assigned to is displayed on the Secure Mobile Access WorkPlace home page (click Details in the Connection Status area).

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