Secure Mobile Access 12.4 Administration Guide

Central Management Server (CMS)

The VPN Administrator uses the Central Management Console (CMC) of the Central Management Server (CMS) to manage all the VPN appliances regardless of location in the world. There is close integration between the CMS and the managed appliances through a channel with native communications.

Central Management:

  • Provides enterprise customers a Dashboard to manage their distributed VPN infrastructure.

  • Reduces Total Cost of Operation (TCO) and operator errors associated with the management of multiple appliances.

  • Provides a Central Management Console (CMC) to configure, maintain and monitor appliances.

  • Simplifies license management with a centralized license that eliminates the need for separate appliance licenses.

  • Optimizes license usage, that is, licenses are dynamically allocated to appliances based on user load.

  • Facilitates centralized alerts via the console dashboard and SNMP traps.

  • Requires no dedicated appliance or hardware (The Central Management Server is a virtual machine).

The dashboard view in the CMC gives you a summarized view of all managed appliances.

You can apply a common configuration to managed appliances from the CMC. Consolidated monitoring and reporting gives the Administrator an overview of all the appliances that are being managed.

For more information about using the CMS, see the Secure Mobile Access 12.4.1 Central Management Server Administration Guide.

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