Secure Mobile Access 12.4 Administration Guide

Best Practices for Defining Realms

When defining realms, follow these best practices to simplify your users’ login experience.

  • Your users select a realm name when logging in, so define realm names that clearly describe the user population. For example, a realm that includes all internal employees might be named “employees,” while a realm that includes external suppliers might be named “suppliers.”

    If a realm will be referenced by mobile device users, keep the name short so that all of it is visible on the mobile device. A Pocket PC device using standard text size, for example, can normally display a name that is about 30 characters long, but a smart phone cannot.

  • If some users will be logging in to a realm that is hidden, make sure they know the name of the realm and how to type it in (choose Other from the realm list and then type the realm name in the field).
  • Enable multiple realms only if necessary. If only one realm is enabled, users do not need to select a realm as part of the login process. When moving from a test to a production environment, verify that all test realms have been removed.

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