Secure Mobile Access 12.4 Administration Guide

Avoiding Configuration File Conflicts with Multiple Administrators

If more than one administrator is managing your appliance, you should avoid working in AMC at the same time. If multiple administrators make changes to the same object, AMC saves the most recent one. This can cause unintentional results, and potentially cause security problems if conflicting changes are made to access control rules.

If more than one administrator is logged into AMC, you are alerted by a link in the upper-right corner of AMC.

To see a list of the user names and IP addresses of all administrators who are logged into AMC, click this link: the Administrator Sessions page displays in a separate window. If an administrator has multiple instances of the Web browser logged into AMC, the administrator’s user name and IP address is listed more than once.

You should contact the other administrators and coordinate your activities to avoid configuration file conflicts.

To view the complete list of AMC administrators

  1. In the AMC, navigate to System Configuration > General Settings.

  2. Click Edit in the Administrator accounts area.

    The Administrators page lists all administrators and shows which ones are currently logged in.

The management console audit log tracks any AMC configuration changes made by administrators. See Management Audit Log.

To end an AMC session you must click Log Out; if you terminate a session by closing your Web browser, the session appears in the list of active sessions until it times out (by default, in 15 minutes).

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