Secure Mobile Access 12.4 Administration Guide

Assigning Names and Descriptions

Most of your time in AMC will be spent managing three types of objects:

  • Access control rules

  • Resources

  • Users and groups

When you create these objects, AMC requires that you type a name. AMC also has a space for you to type an optional description.

Although not required, meaningful descriptions can help you remember critical details about the objects you’re managing, such as the purpose of an access rule or what resources are in a subnet range. A good description is especially helpful when managing a group of objects; when you return to AMC later to manage a large group of network resources, for example, you’ll be glad to have a description reminding you of what’s in the group.

Assigning identical names to different types of objects (for example, assigned “Employee” to an authentication server, realm, and access rule), while allowed, can make troubleshooting some issues more difficult. It is recommended that you identify each object uniquely (for example, “Employee Realm”).

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