Secure Mobile Access 12.4 Administration Guide

Assigning Members to a Community

The first step in creating a community involves specifying which users will be members. By default, a community is configured to include all users from the authentication realm to which it is assigned. However, you can configure a community to permit access to only a subset of users or user groups in a realm.

This is useful, for example, if you want to segment a realm into one community for employees and another community for business partners. You can then provide each community with the appropriate access agents or impose End Point Control restrictions if users are logging in from non-secure computers. Communities can also be referenced in access control rules to permit or deny access to your resources.

To assign members to an existing community

  1. From the main navigation menu, click Realms.

  2. Within the realm, click the link for the community you want to configure.

    The Configure Community page displays with the Members tab displayed.

  3. The Members menu specifies which users or groups belong to this community. Click Edit to select from a list of users and groups. If no users or groups are specified, the default value of this field is Any, meaning that any users from the authentication realm that references this community belong to this community.
  4. In the Maximum active sessions field you can limit the number of sessions each member of this community is allowed to have active at one time. For mobile users, for example, you may want to restrict the number of sessions to 1—each session consumes one user license, and it’s impractical for a mobile user to have more than one active session. With other communities, such as employees who alternate between working from home and in the office, the number of allowed sessions should probably be higher. See How Licenses Are Calculated for more information.
  5. To select which access methods are available to members of the community, click the Access Methods tab. See Selecting Tunnel Access Methods for a Community for more information.
  6. To restrict user access based on the security of client devices, click the End Point Control restrictions tab and specify which zones are available to users in this community. See Using End Point Control Restrictions in a Community.
  7. Click Save.

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