Secure Mobile Access 12.4 Administration Guide

WorkPlace Lite

WorkPlace Lite is an access mode for the SMA appliance that bypasses all Access and EPC Agents and logs the user in to WorkPlace. The only prerequisite for logging into a WorkPlace Lite-enabled WorkPlace site is a modern web browser that supports HTML5. Web only access is more commonly referred to as Reverse Proxy access.

The AMC administrator can:

  • Grant the user access to WorkPlace Lite
  • Force the user to use WorkPlace Lite only
  • Disable the user from accessing WorkPlace Lite

Users can select a checkbox or go to a specific WorkPlace site for Lite access. If the user checks WorkPlace Lite mode, then the system allows access to browser based graphical and text-terminal shortcuts as well as Web URL and HTML file share shortcuts. The Persistent Cookie option allows (or disallows) seamless access to SharePoint documents.

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