Secure Mobile Access 12.4 Administration Guide

Installation and Deployment Process

This section outlines the process of installing, configuring, and testing the appliance, and then deploying it in a production environment. See the below table for an overview.

Installation steps
Installation stepDescription
Make a note of your appliance serial number and authentication codeYou will need this information when you register your product on MySonicWall. The serial number and authentication code are printed on your appliance label; they are also displayed on the General Settings page in AMC.
Rack-mount the appliance and connect the cablesSee Specifications and Rack Installation and Connecting the Appliance.
Turn on the appliance and begin configurationTo connect to your appliance on your internal network you must specify an internal IP address, the subnet mask, and indicate whether your appliance is part of a cluster. Use the controls on the front of the appliance. See Powering Up and Configuring Basic Network Settings.
Run Setup WizardThe wizard guides you through the process of initial setup for your SMA appliance. See Web-Based Configuration Using Setup Wizard.
Register your appliance on MySonicWallRegister your appliance on MySonicWall. Product registration gives you access to essential resources, such as your license file and updates. To register, you need both the serial number for your appliance and its authentication code.

The SMA appliance uses a few different types of licenses. All license files must be retrieved from MySonicWall and imported to the appliance. See Software Licenses.

If you choose the Free Evaluation license on MySonicWall, you get 24/7 support for 30 days.

If you install the CMS virtual machine and do not register it with MySonicWall, you get these licenses:

  • 15 Central user licenses for 3 days
  • 3 managed appliances for 3 days

Both the Setup Wizard and AMC are Web-based applications for configuring the appliance. PCs running these applications must have JavaScript enabled. JavaScript must also be enabled on the browsers used for accessing WorkPlace.

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