Secure Mobile Access 12.4 Administration Guide

Configuring Basic Network Settings using the LCD Controls

There are four buttons to the right of the LCD screen on the front of your appliance that are used to enter the settings.

To configure basic network settings using the LCD controls

  1. Press the Up and Down controls to read the welcome screen or press Right to continue past it.
  2. Set the IP address for your internal interface. To change the IP address that appears:

    1. Use the Left and Right buttons to position your cursor over the number you want to change.
    2. Use Up and Down to change the number.
    3. Press Right to continue to the next screen.
  3. Enter your subnet mask:

    1. Use the four buttons to change the IP address displayed on the LCD screen.
    2. Press Right to continue to the next screen.
  4. Review your settings and confirm them. In a few moments your settings are saved, and you will see instructions on browsing to a URL on your desktop computer. This is the URL for continuing your appliance configuration with Setup Wizard. For instance, the LCD display might read as follows:

    Please browse to:

For a description of configuring your appliance using Setup Wizard, see Web-Based Configuration Using Setup Wizard.

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