Secure Mobile Access 12.4 Administration Guide

Secure Endpoint Manager

Secure Endpoint Manager (SEM) is a software component that is installed on a client device. It is installed when the SMA product is accessed from a Web browser. SEM enables a user on a client device to log in to an SMA appliance and perform tasks using a Web browser.

SEM provides the installation and activation of several client components, such as OnDemand Tunnel, End Point Control, OnDemand Mapped Mode, and Native Access Modules.

SMA provides an update policy for Secure Endpoint Manager (SEM) and its associated sub-components, such as Native Access Modules, End Point Control, OnDemand Tunnel, Web Proxy, and OnDemand Mapped Mode.

SEM installation and software update policies are supported on Windows and macOS client operating systems.

After the server-side firmware has been updated, SMA administrators can control and update specific user Groups and Communities individually, eliminating the need to update thousands of client devices simultaneously.

SEM software updates can be triggered using Web access or Tunnel access methods or using both methods.

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