Secure Mobile Access 12.4 Administration Guide

Proxy Configuration

Secure Mobile Access supports proxy deployment, where all client browsers are configured to redirect to a proxy server, but an appliance sits between the client browsers and the proxy server. All Secure Mobile Access features are supported in this scenario, including supporting domain exclusions when the domain is part of a virtual hosting server, or in some cloud deployments, wherein the same server IP can be used by multiple domains.

Additionally, typical data center server farms are fronted with a load balancer and/or reverse SSL Proxy to offload SSL processing on the servers. For a load balancer fronting the servers and doing decryption, the appliance usually only sees the IP of the load balancer, and the load balancer decrypts the content and determines the specific server to assign this connection to. DPI-SSL now has a global policy option to disable an IP-based exclusion cache. The exclusions continue to work even when the IP-based exclusion cache is off. The Secure Mobile Access Connect Agent can setup the proxy by user.

There are four options to setup the proxy configuration:

  • No Proxy - When no proxy server is configured, IPv6 attributes are discarded.

  • Use system proxy settings

  • Manual proxy configuration

  • Automatic proxy configuration URL

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