Secure Mobile Access 12.4 Administration Guide

Overview: Loopback Proxying

OnDemand uses local loopback proxying to securely submit application traffic through the Web proxy service. For example, suppose a Windows user wants to connect to the appliance and run a Citrix application:

  1. The user logs in to WorkPlace, and OnDemand automatically starts.

  2. OnDemand dynamically maps the local loopback address to the host name for the Citrix server.

  3. The user runs the Citrix application, which attempts to connect to OnDemand resolves the Citrix host name to and routes the traffic to the Web proxy service.

  4. OnDemand encrypts the Citrix traffic using SSL and securely routes it to the SMA appliance, which in turn forwards it to the Citrix server.

  5. The Citrix server responds, sending data back through the SMA appliance.

  6. The appliance forwards the response to OnDemand over SSL.

  7. OnDemand forwards the information to the Citrix application.

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