Secure Mobile Access 12.4 Administration Guide

Modifying the Appearance of WorkPlace

When you create a new WorkPlace site, you have control over the look-and-feel of the pages and the organization of resource shortcuts and other elements, such as intranet browsing and Network Explorer. The appearance of WorkPlace is controlled by the following design elements, which can be created and reused:

  • A WorkPlace style determines the color scheme, fonts, and images used in WorkPlace. A style can be applied to two groups of pages: those that contain user resources, and the login, error, and notification pages.

    An important thing to remember is that WorkPlace login, error, and notification pages are assigned a style when you configure a WorkPlace site (see Adding WorkPlace Sites for more information), and the portal pages are assigned a style when you configure a community (see Creating and Configuring Communities for more information).

  • A WorkPlace layout determines elements like WorkPlace navigation, the number of columns on a page, whether users see the Intranet Address box, and which shortcuts appear and how they are arranged. A layout applies only to WorkPlace resource pages.

    If your site requires a complete overhaul of the way WorkPlace looks and you are familiar with creating Web content and style sheets (.css), you can upload a complete style to the appliance and then select it when you create your site and assign it a style. See Fully Customizing WorkPlace Pages for more information. To do further customization—for example, to insert a use agreement into the login process—see About Custom WorkPlace Templates.

The Default Style and Default Layout for WorkPlace cannot be deleted.

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