Secure Mobile Access 12.4 Administration Guide

Configuring WorkPlace General Settings

This section describes how to configure the WorkPlace general settings that apply to any WorkPlace site that you create. You decide here whether to enable access to UNC pathnames, URLs, or both in the Intranet Address box, but your WorkPlace layout determines whether the Intranet Address box is displayed for a particular community.

You can customize WorkPlace to varying degrees:

  • You can modify the appearance of WorkPlace by setting up a style that uses a particular logo, color scheme, and greeting text. For a consistent look, this same style can be specified for the site’s login, error, and notification pages. See WorkPlace Sites for more information.
  • For sites that require even more control over the look and feel of WorkPlace, see Fully Customizing WorkPlace Pages.

To configure WorkPlace general settings

  1. In the AMC, navigate to System Configuration > Services.

  2. In the Access Services section, under WorkPlace, click Configure.

    The Settings tab for WorkPlace appears.

  3. Select one of the Web Shortcut Access options. This setting determines how URL resources are accessed if WorkPlace activates the tunnel agent. For information about these options, see Web Shortcut Access.

    • Redirect through network agent: Web content is proxied through the appliance for users running the OnDemand Tunnel agent.

    • Use Web content translation: Web content is translated using the Secure Mobile Access Web translation engine.

  4. If the layout specified for your WorkPlace site includes the Network Explorer resource, users will have access to file system resources from the Network Explorer page in WorkPlace. Select Enable file uploads to < > megabytes to enable users to upload files to a Windows file system resource. This setting takes precedence over any permissions you set in a file system access control rule. If an access rule grants a user write access to a file system but file uploads are disabled for the WorkPlace service, the user can only move and delete files, not write to them.

    A single file upload cannot exceed the number of megabytes you specify. Enabling users to upload large files may have a negative effect on the performance of the appliance.

  5. In the Intranet Address Box area, specify settings that control the functionality of the Intranet Address box in WorkPlace. (Whether the Intranet Address field is available is specified in your WorkPlace layout and also depends on your device: it cannot be displayed on mobile devices.)

Select Enable access to UNC pathnames and Enable access to URLs if you want to enable users to reach a Web resource by typing its UNC pathname or URL in the Intranet Address field on WorkPlace. This can be useful if, for example, you have defined an entire DNS domain as a resource and want to provide access to all Web servers within the domain without needing to define each individual Web resource in the domain. This setting applies only when WorkPlace is running in translated mode.

For information about defining Web resources, see Adding Resources.

  • The settings that you specify in the Intranet Address field have no effect on your access control policy. For a detailed discussion of this feature, see Intranet Address Field.

  • If you are concerned that user credentials may be stolen, you can offer (or require) that users logging in to WorkPlace provide their credentials by pointing to characters on a keyboard display instead of typing them. See Using the Virtual Keyboard to Enter Credentials for more information.

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