Secure Mobile Access 12.4 Administration Guide

Built-In WorkPlace Elements

When you set up a WorkPlace portal for users, you can choose from among several built-in resources and WorkPlace elements; see the below table. If you offer these resources, they can be configured on a per-community basis.

Built-in WorkPlace elements
WorkPlace elementDescription
Intranet Address

You can specify whether you want this box to appear and configure whether it can be used to access Web resources (by typing a URL), file system resources (by typing a UNC path name), or both.

See Intranet Address Field for details.

Personal Bookmarks

You can allow users to create and manage personal links (similar to bookmarks) that point to URLs and other resources, such as SMB hosts, protected by the SMA appliance. Personal links are stored on the appliance; users have access to them whenever they are logged in to WorkPlace, regardless of the computer they are using.

See Bookmarks for more information.

Connect TunnelYou can make the built-in Install Connect Tunnel shortcut available to enable users to download and install the Connect Tunnel client from the WorkPlace portal.
Network Explorer

You can offer users the ability to browse a Windows network containing shared folders and files.

See Network Explorer Page for more information.

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