Secure Mobile Access 12.4 Administration Guide

Best Practices for Configuring IP Address Pools

Here are some best practices to keep in mind when configuring IP address pools:

  • Don’t duplicate addresses:

    • When configuring static IP address pools, do not specify IP addresses that are already assigned to other network resources.

    • Be aware that any IP addresses you configure for use by the network tunnel clients may conflict with IP addresses already in use on the client networks. Whenever possible, avoid configuring IP addresses that you know to be in use on your users’ networks.

    • When configuring translated (Source NAT) IP address pools, be sure to specify an unused address on the subnet of the internal interface.

    • If you are using RADIUS pools on more than one appliance, and the appliances are authenticating against the same RADIUS server, duplicate address assignments will be made.

  • When configuring dynamic DHCP or static IP address pools, ensure that you have enough IP addresses to accommodate your maximum number of concurrent users. For example, if your maximum concurrent user count is 100, you should make at least 100 IP addresses available.

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