Secure Mobile Access 12.4 Administration Guide

About Port Mapping

To configure OnDemand to redirect traffic for a specific application, you need to know the port numbers the application uses for the client and server, and then map those ports in AMC. OnDemand listens for incoming requests on specific ports on the client and then proxies them to the appliance, which forwards the information to an IP address and port on the application server.

For example, you might configure an IP address and port on the client (such as to the host or IP address and port on the destination server, such as

Some applications—such as email—use multiple ports for different protocols. In this case, you must configure OnDemand to listen on several different ports. This configuration can also be useful for configuring OnDemand to work with several different applications. The below image shows OnDemand configured to work with three applications over five different ports.

Example: OnDemand configuration

In this example OnDemand is configured to listen on port 23 for telnet and port 1494 for Citrix. For email requests it is listening on port 25 (SMTP), port 110 (POP3), and port 143 (IMAP).

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