Secure Mobile Access 12.4 Administration Guide

Mapping Certificates to Hosts

As multiple hosts on the appliance may use a single wildcard certificate, the Certificate usages table provides a mapping of a single certificate to multiple sets of hosts. A set of hosts is defined as one or more WorkPlace sites, Exchange sites, or custom FQDN mapped resources that are on the same IP address. Any given set of hosts must use the same wildcard certificate and therefore are treated as a single item for mapping certificates in the Certificate usages table. AMC is treated as a separate host even if it is on the same IP address as other hosts on a single-homed appliance.

To map a new certificate to a host or set of hosts

  1. In the AMC, navigate to System Configuration > SSL Settings.

  2. In the SSL Certificates section, click Edit.

  3. In the Certificates column of the Certificate usages table, click on the certificate to activate an in-place editor with a drop-down certificate selector.

  4. Select the certificate. For individual hosts, all certificates are available for selection. For a set of multiple hosts, only wildcard certificates are available for selection.

  5. Click OK.

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