Secure Mobile Access 12.4 Administration Guide

CA Certificates

Every CA requires a certificate so that it can be “trusted” by entities that request digital certificates from it. If a client trusts a CA certificate, it automatically trusts any other certificates that are issued by that CA. CA certificates thus form one of the foundations of public key cryptography. The CA certificate is either signed by the CA itself (a “root certificate”), or by a higher authority in a hierarchy of CAs in a public key infrastructure (an “intermediate CA certificate”).

The appliance uses CA certificates to secure the following:

CA certificates usage

The appliance includes over 100 public root certificates from leading commercial CAs. If you’ve obtained a certificate from a commercial CA, its root certificate or intermediary public certificate is probably already installed on the appliance. However, if you are acting as your own CA you must import a root or intermediary public certificate to the appliance.

To view the list of certificates, click Edit in the CA Certificates area of the SSL Settings page.

This is also where you delete CA certificates.

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