Secure Mobile Access 12.4 Administration Guide

WorkPlace Shortcut Examples

When a user logs in to Workplace and successfully sees shortcuts, the log file entries looks like this:

  1. The username credentials are logged with a session ID (when troubleshooting, just look for the username):

    Feb 26 22:03:03 local7.debug DEBUG [22:03:03,612] GOT: CredentialsManager[teamSessionId=+kMs+1fJYyVOxJ8f/YO0gg==,teamcredentials= {username=jdoe} ,credentials={}]

  2. Later you see a message indicating a successful load of the shortcut (in this case a Web shortcut):

    Feb 26 22:03:03 local7.debug DEBUG [22:03:03,615] pcsession: <authorize:exit> uri= status=SUCCESS

  3. The successful load of a network shortcut looks like this:

    Feb 26 22:03:03 local7.debug DEBUG [22:03:03,617] pcsession: <authorize:exit> uri=smb://marshare01/marketing status=SUCCESS

If a user does not see shortcuts (because of an access rule you have set up, for example), the denial of access looks like this:

  1. Look for the username at login:

    Feb 26 22:12:15 local7.debug DEBUG [22:12:15,027] GOT: CredentialsManager[teamSessionId=hZ98BEZxdyARJCtjkGl3lA==,teamcredentials= {username=dsmith} ,credentials={}]

  2. Look for the shortcut information that is failing to load on the user's WorkPlace portal page. This is an example of a Web shortcut failure:

    Feb 26 22:12:15 local7.debug DEBUG [22:12:15,043] pcsession: <authorize:exit> uri= status=FAILURE

  • Access (permit/deny) to a resource share is also logged in extaweb_access.log: - (jdoe)@(AD) [26/Feb/2017:22:19:21 +0000] "GET /workplace/access/exec/file/view?path=smb://marshare01/marketing/ reports.doc/ HTTP/1.1" 200 4608

  • An additional WorkPlace-related log file in syslog format (/var/log/aventail/wp_init.log) is also available.

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