Secure Mobile Access 12.4 Administration Guide

Verify a Downloaded Upgrade File

You can use AMC to install version upgrades, as described in Upgrading, Rolling Back, or Resetting the System. To make sure that the update was successfully transferred to your local computer, compare its checksum against the one in the .md5 file you extracted from the .zip file.

To verify the MD5 checksum on your PC, use a Windows- or Java-based utility. Microsoft, for example, offers an unsupported command line utility on their site named File Checksum Integrity Verifier (FCIV):

To verify the downloaded file on a PC

  1. At the DOS command prompt, type the following, which returns a checksum for the downloaded file:

    fciv <upgrade_filename>.bin

  2. Open the associated .md5 file (which you downloaded from the MySonicWall Web site) using Notepad or another text editor:

    notepad <upgrade_filename>.bin.md5

  3. Compare the two check sums. If they match, you can safely continue with your update. If they differ, try the download again and compare the resulting check sums. If they still don't match, contact SonicWall Technical Support.

To verify the downloaded file on the appliance

  1. Type the following command, which returns a checksum for the downloaded file:

    md5sum <upgrade_filename>.bin

  2. Open the associated .md5 file:

    cat <upgrade_filename>.md5

  3. Compare the two checksums.

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