Secure Mobile Access 12.4 Administration Guide

Using Setup Tool

When you run Setup Tool from the command line, it prompts you to accept the Secure Mobile Access End User License Agreement (EULA), create a root password, and provide an IP address, subnet mask, and internal default gateway.

To run Setup Tool

  1. Make a serial connection to the appliance (see Powering Up and Configuring Basic Network Settings), and then turn on the appliance using the power button.

  2. If the appliance has not yet been configured, or if you have just reset it using either Factory Reset Tool or Config Reset, Setup Tool will run automatically.

  3. When you’re prompted to log in, type root for the username; press Enter to move to the next page.

  4. You’re prompted to type an IP address, subnet mask, and (optionally) a gateway for the internal interface. You use this interface to connect to the appliance from a Web browser and continue setup using AMC.

    IP address:

    • Type an IP address for the internal interface connected to your internal (or private) network and then press Enter.

    Subnet mask:

    • Type a netmask for the internal network interface and then press Enter.


    • If the computer from which you’ll access AMC is on a different network than the appliance, you must specify a gateway. Type the IP address of the gateway used to route traffic to the appliance and then press Enter.

      If you’re accessing AMC from the same network on which the appliance is located, simply press Enter.

  5. You’re prompted to review the information you provided. Press Enter to accept the current value, or type a new value and then press Enter.
  6. Finally, you’re prompted to save and apply your changes.

    • Press Enter to save your changes.

At this point, Setup Tool saves your changes and restarts the necessary services. It also generates SSL keys using the information you provided (SSH requires security keys that it exchanges with remote SSH clients and servers). After SSH is configured using Setup Tool, it will display a message saying that it is generating these keys.

During this time, you will receive minimal feedback; be patient and do not assume that Setup Tool is not responding. When Setup Tool is finished, a message appears indicating that the initial setup is complete. This message also includes the URL for accessing AMC.

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