Secure Mobile Access 12.4 Administration Guide

Snapshot Tool

A snapshot of your configuration can help SonicWall Technical Support or other IT professionals diagnose any problems you are having with the appliance. This file, especially if it includes core dump files, can be quite large (the File Download in the final step will tell you how large).

To save a configuration snapshot

  1. In the AMC, navigate to Monitoring > Troubleshooting.

  2. Click the Snapshot tab.

  3. Select a full or partial snapshot.

  4. Specify whether you will include all system logs, or just the four most recent ones.

  5. Click Save snapshot. The files are saved in a zip archive named snapshot.tgz.

  6. If you plan to send the file to SonicWall Technical Support, you should select Encrypt file to keep sensitive information secure. Technical Support will need the password you assigned to this archive so that they can decrypt the file. Make sure you send it in such a way that it meets your internal security requirements (over the phone or by secure email, for example).

  7. Click the Download link to save the compressed file locally.

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