Secure Mobile Access 12.4 Administration Guide

File Locations

the Log file names for SMA services table lists the names of the log files on the appliance, which are initially stored locally (/var/log/aventail/).

Log file names for SMA services
Secure Mobile Access serviceFile formatFile name

System messages

Contains message logs for the Web proxy service, the network tunnel service, and the policy server. Unregistered device messages are also in this log.

See System Message Log.


Network tunnel service

Includes information about connection activity, a list of users accessing the network, and the amount of data transferred for the network tunnel service.

See Network Tunnel Audit Log.


Web proxy service

SeeWeb Proxy Audit Log.

W3C CLFextraweb_access.log

Appliance Management Console (AMC)

See Management Console Audit Log




Client installation

See Client Installation Logs (Windows).



See WorkPlace Logs.




Upgrade log

This log is a record of any upgrades you have made to the appliance.


Migration log

Stored in /var/log/, these are the logging messages recorded during migration from version <n.n.n>.


To minimize storage requirements for log files, the appliance rotates the files. The log rotation procedures vary, depending on the frequency you specify:

Log rotation procedures
Every 15 minutes
  • Rotate any log files that are larger than 750MB.

  • Force a rotation of the syslog log file.

  • Turn on Compression for rotated files.

  • Compression Ratio is set to 0.10 of actual file size.

  • Each file is compressed after rotation.

Every day
  • Force a rotation of all log files.

  • Delete any log files that are older than seven days.

Log files of more than one day old are stored in uncompressed format. The log file names contain a suffix that is numbered sequentially from 1 through 7, so that if the log rotation occurs daily, a log file with the suffix 7 is one week old. For example:

  • extraweb_access.log is the current log file for Web proxy service.

  • extraweb_access.log1 through extraweb_access.log.7 are the logs from the previous rotations.

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