Secure Mobile Access 12.4 Administration Guide

Enabling SSL Ciphers

When you configure the protocols and compression settings for encrypting traffic, you can select one or more ciphers. The appliance will use these ciphers to provide the best combination of security and performance supported by the user’s Web browser. You can enable or disable the ciphers you want.

The AMC, WorkPlace, Extraweb, and Tunnel will all conform to the SSL protocols that are enabled on the Configure SSL Encryption page to enforce protocols and ciphers on connecting clients.

The AMC logs SSL connection failures if the client/browser fails to negotiate an SSL connection due to incompatible ciphers or protocols. These messages are logged at the ERROR level to help the administrator troubleshoot SSL compatibility problems.

To enable or disable the SSL ciphers you want

  1. Navigate to System Configuration > SSL Settings.

    A warning will appear when you have a less secure protocol or cipher enabled.

  2. In the SSL Encryption section, click Edit. The SSL Encryption page displays.

  3. In the SSL ciphers section, select the ciphers that you want.

    All the enabled SSL ciphers will be enforced.

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