Secure Mobile Access 12.4 Administration Guide

Authentication Issues

An authentication server is referenced in a realm.

Troubleshooting authentication issues
Access to the external authentication server(s)Verify that you can access the external authentication server by using the network traffic utility in AMC, which is based on tcpdump. You can send this network traffic data to Technical Support, or review it using a network protocol analyzer like Wireshark. See Capturing Network Traffic for more information.
Authentication server credentialsVerify that AMC contains the proper credentials for access to your external server. For LDAP, check the Login DN and Password settings, and click Test Connection. For RADIUS, check the Shared secret setting.
Authentication server logsReview the authentication server logs. Make sure you're not entering invalid credentials or having connectivity problems.
User authentication using an LDAP or AD server takes too long or times outIf you are using nested group lookup on your LDAP or AD server, make sure that you are also caching the lookup results, because searching the entire directory tree takes time. To reduce the load on your directory and get better performance, cache the attribute group or static group search results by selecting the Cache group checking checkbox.

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