Secure Mobile Access 12.4 Administration Guide

Viewing Resources and Resource Groups

You can view and define individual resources or groups of them in AMC on the Security Administration > Resources page.

To view the list of available resources and resource groups

  1. In the AMC, navigate to Security Administration > Resources.

  2. On the Resources tab, review the list of available individual resources. (The Resource Groups tab displays collections of resources.)

  3. Click the Filters icon at the top right of the table to filter the resources that are displayed here. For information about using filters, see Filters:

    • The Type column displays the type of each resource (such as Domain name, Host name). Remember that a client/server resource can contain both Web and client/server applications.

    • The Used column indicates whether a resource has been specified in a shortcut on WorkPlace.

  4. For an overview of a particular resource, click the right arrow ( ) next to it. This shows the resource type, its value, and whether it is used by a WorkPlace shortcut or access rule.

    By default, there are some read-only resource definitions included with the appliance, for example, Secure Mobile Access WorkPlace and Connect Tunnel Download. These definitions are required by the appliance services and cannot be deleted (a read-only resource has no checkbox next to it).

  5. To edit a resource, click its link in the resource list.

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