Secure Mobile Access 12.4 Administration Guide

Preconfigured Web Application Profiles

Several preconfigured Web application profiles are included with the appliance and are recommended for certain commonly used Web applications. (More can be added; see Adding Web Application Profiles.) Preconfigured profiles are shown in the below table.

Preconfigured Web Application profiles
Web application profileDescription
DefaultA default profile that you can use for most Web applications or sites that don’t use NTLM or basic authentication single sign-on
Domino Web Access / iNotes 8.xA profile for Lotus Domino Web Access (versions 8.x only)
iNotes 5.xA profile for Lotus iNotes (versions 5.x only)
Outlook Web AccessA profile for Microsoft Outlook Web Access and other sites that use NTLM or basic authentication single sign-on
SharePointA profile for SharePoint
WorkPlaceA read-only profile for WorkPlace

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