Secure Mobile Access 12.4 Administration Guide

Monitoring System Status

  1. In the AMC, navigate to Monitoring > System Status.

    The System Status page displays, displaying information about the appliance’s current status, such as memory utilization.

  2. In the Show drop-down menu, select the type of data you want to view; see the System status data table.

    System status data
    Type of dataDescription
    Active users (default)

    Displays the number of active user sessions for the specified time period. This graph includes a horizontal line that indicates the maximum number of concurrent users allowed by your license.

    Active user sessions are not the same as licensed ones; for more information, see Open vs Licensed Sessions.

    CPU utilizationDisplays the percentage of the CPU capacity that was used for the specified time period.
    Memory utilization

    Displays the percentage of memory that was used for the specified time period. The percentage is calculated from information returned by the meminfo utility on the appliance:

    ((MemTotal - Cached - MemFree) / MemTotal) * 100

    Network bandwidthDisplays the network bandwidth in Mbps for the specified time period. If both the internal and external interfaces are enabled, graph data for the internal interface is represented by a green line and data for the external interface is displayed in blue. The scale of this graph automatically adjusts to reflect the amount of traffic (for example, the graph might use a 1 Mbps scale or a 100 Mbps scale, depending on traffic).
    Swap utilizationDisplays the amount of free swap space available for the specified time period.
    Disk space utilizationDisplays the percentage of disk space used for the specified time period.
  3. In the second Show drop-down menu, indicate the time interval you want to show; see the below table.

    Time interval selection
    HourlyDisplays average activity during the last hour based on samples collected every 20 seconds.
    DailyDisplays average activity for the last day based on samples collected every ten minutes.
    WeeklyDisplays average activity for the last week based on samples collected every 60 minutes.
    MonthlyDisplays average activity for the last 32 days based on samples collected every four hours (six samples per day).
  4. In the Auto-refresh drop-down menu, select a value that indicates how often AMC will automatically update the selected data.

  5. Optionally, in the Also show drop-down menu, you can select another type of data graph. This can be useful if you want to compare two types of data for a given time period. The default is None.

  6. To update the page at any time, click Refresh.

When Auto-refresh is set to any time interval other than Off and the System Status page is displayed, the refresh activity prevents the AMC session from automatically timing out after the default inactivity period (15 minutes). This means that if you leave AMC unattended while this page is displayed and in auto-refresh mode, AMC will not time out. A good security practice is to always switch to another page in AMC when you are done reviewing status. See Appliance Sessions for more information.

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