Secure Mobile Access 12.4 Administration Guide

Naming Conventions for Hotfixes

Between releases, SonicWall may issue a hotfix that replaces a subset of the software files on your SMA appliance. Hotfix filenames use this naming convention:

<component>-hotfix-<version>-<hotfix number>

where the below table defines <component>.

Naming conventions for hotfixes
PformAppliance Management Console
cltClient software

To check whether any hotfixes have been applied, click System Status or Maintenance from the main navigation menu. If any hotfixes have been incorporated, you’ll see a hotfixes link next to the version number. Click the link for more information about which ones have been applied.

For example, Pform-hotfix-12.4.0-001 is hotfix 001 for version 12.4 that fixes a problem in Appliance Management Console.

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