Secure Mobile Access 12.4 Administration Guide

Managing a Spike License

A Spike License enables you to temporarily increase the number of remote users you can support in the event of a disaster or other business disruption. Licensed separately, this feature helps you accommodate spikes in remote access traffic during planned or unplanned events.

When you buy a Spike License it is valid for a given number of users and days (this is the total number of users who are supported when the Spike License is activated, not in addition to your base license number). You can suspend and resume the use of the license as needed.

To activate, pause, and resume a Spike License

  1. Retrieve your Spike License from MySonicWall and import it to the appliance, as described in Applying Your SMA License.

  2. The Spike License is listed as Available on the Manage Licenses page in AMC. When you need to accommodate more users, click Activate. The maximum number of possible users is updated, and the time line for your Spike License is displayed.

  3. Click Pause to suspend use of the Spike License, and click Resume to continue using it.

  • You can upload more than one Spike License to your appliance, but you cannot have more than one active at a time.

  • Whenever you activate or pause a Spike License, the number of days for which it is valid decreases by one, even if fewer than 24 hours have elapsed.

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