Secure Mobile Access 12.4 Administration Guide

Importing Configuration Data

Exporting always involves the complete set of configuration data, but it is possible to do just a partial import (for example, if you want to import only policy and WorkPlace settings).

The below table describes the types of data that you can import into an existing AMC configuration:

Configuration Data for importing
Type of configuration dataDescription
Partial configuration
  • Access policy: Includes rules, resources, users and groups, and EPC device profiles and zones.

  • WorkPlace customization: Includes general appearance settings, custom content, shortcuts, and custom templates.

  • CA certificates: Includes the CA certificates that are used to secure authentication server connections, or back-end Web resources, with SSL.

  • End Point Control: If you use client certificates in device profiles, a partial configuration includes the CA that issued them to your users.

Entire configuration
  • Partial configuration data (see the Partial configuration table).

  • SSL certificates: Includes certificates for AMC and the appliance, along with private keys and passwords.

  • Node-specific and network-specific settings: Includes host names, IP addresses, default route information, DNS settings, administrator accounts, and cluster settings.

To import a full or partial configuration

  1. From the main navigation menu, click Maintenance.

  2. In the System configuration area, click Import/Export.

  3. In the File name box, type the path of the appropriate file (SonicWallSMAApplianceVPN-<date>-<nnn>.aea), or click Browse to locate it.

  4. Click Partial configuration if you want to import just the items listed in the table above.

  5. Click Import. To activate the imported configuration, you must apply changes. See Applying Configuration Changes for more information.

  • If an import fails, you can view details in the Management message log file.

  • If you import a configuration while other configuration changes are pending in AMC, the pending changes are overwritten.

  • You can import the policy from an older Secure Mobile Access appliance, provided the older appliance predates the newer one by no more than three versions. For example, you cannot import the policy configuration from versions earlier than 11.4 to your 12.4 appliance.

  • You cannot import a configuration from a single node onto a high-availability cluster, or from a cluster configuration onto a single node. However, you can do a partial import from these configurations.

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