Secure Mobile Access 12.4 Administration Guide

Viewing Zones

You can see the list of End Point Control zones in AMC and quickly determine what types they are and whether there are any communities associated with them.

To view configured zones

  1. In the AMC, navigate to User Access > End Point Control.

    The End Point Control page displays.

  2. In the Zones and Profiles section, click Edit next to Zones.

  3. The Zones and Profiles page displays to provide a summary of the zones configured in AMC and a summary of the EPC agent status. The SMA appliance comes with a preconfigured zone named Default zone.

    You can see information about each zone in the list:

    • Expand a selected zone to display the device profiles and communities the zone is associated with. Clicking the plus sign in the table header expands the display of every zone.

    • The Type column identifies whether a given zone is a Default, Standard, Deny, or Quarantine one (these zone types are described in detail in Defining Zones).

    • The Name column displays the name you assigned when creating a zone; edit a zone by clicking its name.

    • The Description column lists any descriptive text for the zone.

    • The Used column indicates whether the zone is referenced by any communities. A tick mark indicates it is being used by one or more communities. If a zone is not referenced, this field is blank.

  4. Click the name of a zone to view or edit its settings.

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