Secure Mobile Access 12.4 Administration Guide

Using End Point Control Agents

Use End Point Control Agents to perform common EPC tasks such as enabling or disabling the virtual keyboard and clearing remote data from the client system after each user session.

End Point Control tasks
Enable virtual keyboardEnables the virtual keyboard.
Require use of keyboardTo select the use of keyboard.
End inactive user connectionsSelect the length of time a connection is inactive before disconnecting it. Options range from 3 minutes to 24 hours. By default, in a Zone Inactivity timeout is set to Never.
Enable Cache CleanerCheck this checkbox to enable Cache Cleaner, which clears the browser cache after each user session. Cache Cleaner is available for Windows and Mac platforms only and only when End Point Control is enabled.
Allow user to disable Cache CleanerCheck this checkbox to allow the user to close Cache Cleaner and bypass the cache-cleaning function.

Clean session items only

Clean all items

Specify whether all browser items should be cleared, or just those related to the current session.

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