Secure Mobile Access 100 10.2 Administration Guide

Benefits of Web Application Firewall

Web Application Firewall is secure and can be used in various areas, including financial services, healthcare, application service providers, and e-commerce. Secure Mobile Access uses SSL encryption to encrypt data between the Web Application Firewall and the client. Secure Mobile Access also satisfies OWASP cryptographic storage requirements by encrypting keys and passwords wherever necessary.

Companies using Web Application Firewall can reduce the development cost required to create secure applications and also cut out the huge turnaround time involved in deploying a newly found vulnerability fix in every Web application by signing up for Web Application Firewall signature updates.

Resources accessed over Application Offloaded portals and HTTP(S) bookmarks can be vulnerable because of a variety of reasons ranging from badly designed architecture to programming errors. Web Application Firewall provides an effective way to prevent a hacker from exploiting these vulnerabilities by providing real-time protection to Web applications deployed behind the SMA appliance.

Deploying Web Application Firewall at the SMA appliance lets network administrators use application offloading even when it exposes Web applications needing security to internal and remote users. Application offloading avoids URL rewriting that improves the proxy performance and functionality.

There are several benefits of integrating Web Application Firewall with SMA appliances. Firstly, identity-based policy controls are core to Web Application Firewall, and this is easily achievable using Secure Mobile Access technology. Secondly, there are lower latencies because of the existing hardware-based SSL offloading. Most importantly, SMA appliances run Web applications and must be protected from such attacks.

As small businesses adopt hosted services to facilitate supplier collaboration, inventory management, online sales, and customer account management, they face the same strict compliance requirements as large enterprises. Web Application Firewall on an SMA appliance provides a convenient, cost-effective solution.

Web Application Firewall is easy to configure in the Secure Mobile Access management interface. The administrator can configure Web Application Firewall settings globally, by attack priority, and on a per-signature basis. After custom configuration settings or exclusions are in place, you can disable Web Application Firewall without losing the configuration, allowing you to complete maintenance or testing and then easily re-enable it.

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