Secure Mobile Access 100 10.2 Administration Guide

AOV Controls

When a VPN status is disconnected, AOV can block user access to network resources until the VPN connection is recovered. This is controlled by the AOV option Allow accessing network if VPN fail to connect:

  • Enabled – User can access network.
  • Disabled – User is not allowed to access network until VPN connection is recovered.

Users can request to temporarily disable AOV by inputting a challenge code received in configured email. This is controlled by the AOV option Allow User to disconnect:

  • Enabled – User can disable AOV temporarily, and there is an unlock button available at client side for user to click and request unlocking.
  • Disabled – User cannot disable AOV and no unlock or disconnect button is available.

In case of client issues and to troubleshoot problems, there is a way for the SMA administrator to remotely disable the Always Running Client.

  • The administrator can temporarily disable AOV by navigating to the Clients > Status page, selecting the VPN session, and then clicking the On switch.
  • When AOV is disabled, no failure policy is applied, and no automatic connection is established.

Regarding VPN Session control, when auto-reconnect is enabled for NetExtender on the client side, and an administrator kills the user session manually, the client does not try to reconnect. NetExtender tries to reconnect only when there is a network break which causes the VPN to disconnect.

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