Secure Mobile Access 100 10.2 Administration Guide

Restful API - Phase 1 Support

Restful API phase 1 includes the User Authentication API and Threat API. The target users of these APIs are the API consumers.

User Authentication API

The actions for the User Authentication API include the following:

  1. Configure information

    • List Portals
    • List Domains
  2. Authentication flow

    • Create a Login ID for one authentication process
    • Post authentication information from the end user to the appliance
    • Get response from the appliance and do the next step according to the response status
    • Show the default message from the response
    • Must support all our authentication methods and user interactions
      • Username/Password
      • Client certificate authentication
      • Password expiration notification
      • Password changing
      • One-time password
  3. Post authentication

    Device authorization workflow

    • End point check workflow

The document path is https://{{hostname}}/ api /v1/threat/doc.json.

Threat API

The attributes of the Threat API include the following:

  • Access appliance failure
  • Authenticate failure
  • Geo-IP and Botnet check failure
  • Malicious file upload through our appliance

The document path is https://{{hostname}}/threat/ api /v1/doc.json.

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