Secure Mobile Access 100 10.2 Administration Guide

Verifying Administrator One Time Password Configuration

To verify that an individual user account has been enabled to use the One Time Password feature, log in to the Secure Mobile Access Virtual Office user interface using the credentials for that account.

If you can successfully log in to Virtual Office, you have correctly used the One Time Password feature. If you cannot login using One Time Password, verify the following:

  • Are you able to login without being prompted to check your email for One-time Password? The user account has not been enabled to use the One-time Password feature.
  • Is the email address correct? If the email address for the user account has been entered incorrectly, log in to the management interface to correct the email address.
  • Is there no email with a one-time password? Wait a few minutes and refresh your email inbox. Check your spam filter. If there is no email after several minutes, try to login again to generate a new one-time password.
  • Have you accurately typed the one-time password in the correct field? Re-type or copy and paste the one-time password within the time allotted by the user’s timeout policy as set in the Log > Settings page.

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