Secure Mobile Access 100 10.2 Administration Guide

Benefits of NetExtender

NetExtender provides remote users with full access to your protected internal network. The experience is virtually identical to that of using a traditional IPSec VPN client, but NetExtender does not require any manual client installation. Instead, the NetExtender Windows client is automatically installed on a remote user’s PC when using the Internet Explorer browser or Firefox.

The NetExtender Windows client also has a custom-dialer that allows it to be launched from the Windows Network Connections menu. This custom-dialer allows NetExtender to be connected before the Windows domain login. The NetExtender Windows client also supports a single active connection and displays real-time throughput and data compression ratios in the client.

After installation, NetExtender automatically launches and connects a virtual adapter for SSL-secure NetExtender point-to-point access to permitted hosts and subnets on the internal network.

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